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Wrongful Death Attorney Houston

February 28,2020 |

Losing someone close to you or a family member will never be an easy thing to do. You will never feel as though you had enough time with them, that you didn’t hold them long enough, that you didn’t call them often enough. One way that losing your loved one is even worse is when it is done in a wrongful death circumstance. That means that your loved one passed way due to another person’s actions. Actions that could have very easily been prevented. Had just a little more precautions been taken your loved one might still be here. If you are the living spouse, parents, domestic partner, or child of the deceased you should contact a wrongful death attorney Houston. Those are the only people who are able to file such a claim.


It is known the most common causes of wrongful deaths in Houston are from a car crash, premises liability, a truck accident, airplane accident, medical malpractice, motorcycle accident, defective products, and even a work related accident. It doesn’t matter which one of these was the reason for the loss of your loved one, the pain is still there. Charles J. Argento & Associates are a personal injury law firm based out of Houston are there to help make the situation a bit easier. They can help you get the compensation you need for the medical bills and funeral costs.

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