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Domestic Violence in Los Angeles

April 24,2019 |

According to Whitmarsh Family Law, PC a family law firm in Los Angeles domestic violence starts when voices are raised from behind the wall and weeping, we usually pretend that we do not hear anything. They do not want to interfere in neighborly conflicts. Error! It may turn out that it is not a mere marital quarrel , but a manifestation of domestic violence . And that is a crime punishable by law in Los Angeles.


Domestic violence mainly affects women. According to police statistics, in 2008, over 81,000 victims fell victim to their partner's brutality – more than half of reported cases of violence. The second most affected group are children. However, the data does not show the true scale of the problem, because many women do not ask for intervention and hide the tragedy in four walls. To change this, they advise you on how to avoid being destroyed and becoming a victim of violence. Hire a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney.


It's hard to say what happened to you, even to a friend, let alone a stranger. However, you must overcome shame. Do not be fooled that the spanking you got was a one-off prank and the perpetrator would understand that he had done wrong. If a loved one has raised your hand, do not hesitate, inform the police.

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