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Why Hire Lotze Mosley LLP Attorneys

June 19,2018 |

Distributing and possessing drugs are one of the charges that can result in severe penalties in Washington D.C county. If faced with such a crime, it is our recommendation to contact a competent defense attorney at the earliest time possible. This will help to us to ensure dismissal of the evidence or that you get a less severe judgment if found to be guilty of the offense.

Lotze Mosley LLP is one of the best defense attorneys in Washington D.C., with an expertise in this area of criminal defense for over 25 years. They have obtained success in several drug-related cases for a number of our clients and will be more than willing to deliver same results for you.

They will look at the collective process of evidence collection and ensure that all was done as per the law and your rights were not abused in the process. 

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