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Who can file a case of wrongful death?

July 13,2017 |

Relatives, specifically immediate family members, can file lawsuits against the offender who has caused the death of their loved one. These family members are spouses and children for married victim and parents for deceased who are still unmarried. There will be no problems when the surviving heirs are of legal ages. However, when they are minors, they will need legal guardians who can take the lawsuit to court on behalf of the minor children. In special cases, stepparents, grandparents, and other dependents may take over for the claiming of the compensation.

Being the victim, you are to go on a court battle. If you win your case, you can receive payment for the damages to the victim. The compensation includes medical, hospital and funeral expenses. Another quantifiable damage is lost of probable income. Non-monetary claims are lost benefits, sorrow, emotional and psychological anguish and loss of companionship. General and punitive damages can also be claimed.Its always good to contact a New Mexico wrongful death lawyer for your can evaluation.

There is a legal provision that if you believe that your claim is warranted, you have to file your case within the given timeframe. The surviving heirs are given one to three years to initiate this lawsuit. Gathering evidence and proving your case can be difficult and stressful. In order for you to meet the time to file requirement, you should immediately consult a wrongful death attorney. Do not dare to do it yourself. The intricacies of the case will require the expertise of a legal professional.

If you believe that you have a valid claim of wrongful death, do not fail to consult your Caruso Law Offices, PC personal injury lawyer. Doing so is very important because this legal consultant and profession is your guide to initial action and he is the means to get compensated for the death of your loved one.

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