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Tire Defect Accidents & Liability

January 4,2018 |

A tire defect is an imperfection in a tire that can cause it to malfunction. The U.S. government's National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration has safety guidelines in place to govern the construction of vehicle tires. The agency helps to protect consumers by issuing recall notices and investigating complaints lodged by consumers. Some tire defects, however, remain unnoticed until the defect causes an accident. When a person sustains injuries from a defective tire, a products liability lawsuit may be brought against the manufacturer or the commercial seller of the tire.

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Product Liability Lawsuits Due to Tire Defects

The attorneys who handle these kinds of personal injury lawsuits are often called "product liability lawyers."equipment.

Manufacturers sometimes become aware of a defect and recall a particular model of tire. Such a recall is not necessarily an admission of guilt or a slam dunk for a plaintiff in a lawsuit, however. The plaintiff must still prove that it was the tire defect that caused the accident and the resulting injuries.

It is also important to note that not all tire-related accidents are a result of tire defects. If a tire blows out due to debris on the road, that is not the tire manufacturer's fault, nor is it the driver's fault. In that case, unless the debris was left on the road by people, the injured party's own insurance would have to take care of the cost of the injuries, as there would be no one to sue.

An object like a nail can also become lodged in a tire, causing it to blow out. Therefore, unless there has already been a recall with an established defect in a particular model of tire, it can be difficult to prove that a defect caused the accident.

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