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Theft Attorney Located in Portland.

June 17,2020 |

When you are accused of a theft crime, you need to know that you still have rights. You will be hiring a Portland theft attorney who will be there to help protect your rights, but there are things that you can do before you hire someone that can help you. You should not give any statement to the police, that can be used against you in the court, you should always talk to your lawyer first. You should also not submit to a search and seizure; this should only be done after you have been in contact with a Portland criminal law attorney that has told you this would be beneficial. There is no down side to hiring an attorney early on, in fact it only helps your chances of being successful in your theft case.


Finding a great criminal lawyer from Mark C. Cogan, P.C. a criminal law firm in Portland is super easy. This law firm has very qualified attorneys that really truly understand all that goes into a theft case. Theft can be as minor as picking someone’s pocket to as severe as embezzlement. No matter what type of theft you are accused of getting a lawyer is the best option for you.

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