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St Petersburg Child Support Attorney

December 20,2019 |

Where to file a claim for an increase in child support? A claim for an increase in maintenance should be brought to the district court competent for the place of residence of the person obliged to pay alimony or the place of residence of the right holder. To make the process easier it is best to hire a St Petersburg child support attorney. Choosing the court to which the claim will be filed belongs to the plaintiff. The court does not charge a fee for a claim to increase child support. This means that they is exempt from court fees. For more information, get in contact an attorney at The Law Firm for Family Law in St Petersburg.


Hiring a family lawyer from The Law Firm For Family Law in St Petersburg can relieve some stress. Their main focus is the child. They want to make sure the child living in St Petersburg, Florida is well taken care for. They want to help you get the right amount of child support to help take care of your child. 

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