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Father’s Rights Attorney in Irvine

October 11,2019 |

There are various unpredictable situations in the life of every human being. In some of them, a lawyer's help is needed to help solve the problem. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro, are a Irvine family law firm who deal with father's rights cases. The practice of her activity includes matters regarding relations between spouses, cohabitants, parents, and children, siblings and other family members. Interest in the field of interest is the father's rights and his role in the family.


They are pleased to inform you that the Legal Clinic of the Regional Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights in Irvine operates under our patronage. In family matters, it is often necessary to combine knowledge of legal regulations with knowledge of psychology. Family law – guide: Before marriage: premarital agreement Marriage: marriage – formal conditions, separation: with adjudication about wine, without adjudging on wine, divorce: adjudicating on wine and without adjudicating on wine, contributing to the needs of the so-called family alimony during the marriage. The property of the spouses: common property and personal property of spouses, matrimonial property agreements: – extension of marital property, – limitation of matrimonial property, – establishing property separation, – establishing the separation of property with the alignment of the acquis.  If you are being denied to see your child you need a Irvine father's rights attorney.


The origin of the child: recognition of the child, determination of paternity, denial of paternity Childcare: parental responsibility for the child – leaving, limiting, depriving, contacts with a child, the so-called parental agreement educational plan, traveling with a child abroad, child's documents – passport, ID card, maintenance. Marriage / relationship with a foreigner: the legal situation of the spouse and the foreigner, the legal situation of children coming from a relationship with a foreigner. Partnerships: the legal situation of people living in partnerships, property of people living in partnerships, the legal situation of children of people living in partnerships. Obligations towards family members: laying on the maintenance of parents/siblings, forced treatment, incapacitation. Keep in touch with the Irvine family law firm of The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro.

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