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December 17,2018 |

A civil process enforces private rights, such as the payment of a purchase price or rent , the removal of a defect , the eviction of an apartment or the omission of certain acts. Civil trials take place in the so-called ordinary courts. A district court or district court is responsible for a civil case in the first instance . Civil Litigation Lawyers are required to appear before the district court. The parties can also conduct the process before the district court, whereby the expert support of lawyers has proven itself here as well. On remedies such as appeal or revision decide District Court, Court of Appeal or the Federal Court. The details of jurisdiction over civil proceedings are set out in the Judiciary Act. By contrast, the course of proceedings before the civil court results from the Code of Civil Procedure. In general, civil proceedings are, above all, the process of cognition up to the judgment or a process-ending settlement . But also clause procedures and enforcement by the enforcement court or a bailiff belong in the civil procedure law . There are special procedures such as the documentary process, preliminary injunction or the dunning procedure.


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