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December 19,2018 |

Traumatic brain injury ( traumatic brain injury (TBI) ) is a term used to describe damage to the brain affected by the action of physical force. The human brain consists of billions of microscopic fibers suspended in the cerebrospinal fluid. While the outer part of the skull is smooth, the inner surface is wavy and full of bone structures. A blow to these internal surfaces causes tension and crushing resulting in brain injury. In these cases you need to contact a brain injury attorney Sherman Oaks.


Injuries arise from the impact of the brain on the skull, which has slowed down its momentum. Thus, the TBI is created by hitting the head in the windshield or the dashboard in the car. In these cases, the trauma is considered an intracranial injury. Intracranial injury can also occur by a strong shake forward or backward, as in the case of newborns who have been abused, or neck injuries in a car accident. TBI can also arise through the penetration of the skull, such as a bullet piercing the skull and entering the brain. Intracranial injuries are a unique challenge in disputes, because they do not show visible external symptoms, although the brain damage can be significant.


TBI is not inherited, congenital or degenerative injuries or brain defects, nor is it caused by childbirth trauma,

In matters related to traumatic brain injury (TBI), the most important thing is to secure the evidence as soon as possible, investigate the incident and set up a case to satisfy claims before the deadline imposed by the statute of time limits. If you or someone close to you has suffered traumatic brain injury, call Fox and Fox Law Corp a personal injury law firm in Sherman Oaks, California. Initial legal advice is free. Do not hesitate, if you have a legitimate claim and are entitled to compensation for the injuries sustained, file a lawsuit before the deadline imposed by the statute of time limits expires.

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