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A Few Issues Involving Grandparent Rights.

June 18,2016 |

Grandparent rights are the subject of many articles, books, shows, and movies and firms like Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, a family law firm based in San Bernardino. Grandparents connect their grandchildren to invaluable family traditions and offer the wisdom of life experience to their young. There is a bond between grandparents and grandchildren that is precious and irreplaceable. Children seem to gravitate to their grandparents because they are often nurturing and fun to be around. Grandparent rights are necessary when circumstances threaten to interrupt or destroy that link. Grandparent rights are recognized by most courts but vary from state to state.

The development of young people is very much affected by grandparents. Affection and attention provided by grandparents can make the future of children more secure. There is often more time and unconditional regard from grandparents than parents because younger adults are usually involved with career concerns and other pressing matters. Grandparent rights are necessary to give children and grandparents security in their relationships.

One of the heartaches often suffered by grandparents is the lack of visitation rights when there is a conflict with parents or other relatives that prevent them from seeing their grandchildren. Grandparents often wonder if the children are safe, or fear that the children will be turned against them by their parents or by the other set of grandparents. Grandparent rights of visitation must be asserted in those cases if no amicable solution can be worked out among the parties.

Elderly individuals usually look forward to their time of retirement. Sometimes, however, those plans must be put on hold when circumstances warrant the necessity of asserting grandparent rights of custody. The death of one or both parents is often the cause for such petitions to the court. Parental abuse or neglect can be other reasons for asserting grandparent rights. Safety issues require immediate action, and often an assertion of grandparent rights, to provide protection for grandchildren.

When a parent dies, and the remaining parent is not able or willing to care for the children, grandparents can file a petition for their grandparent rights to be considered by the court for custody arrangement. Even though they have grandparent rights, there is no assurance that custody will be granted to them. Courts award custodial rights to parents of children when it is possible. If it can be demonstrated that children will be damaged by separation from their grandparents, there may be more chance of at least visitation rights being granted. After establishing a bond with grandparents, and children can suffer from issues of low self-esteem, abandonment, withdrawal, and even behavioral difficulties. They often assume responsibility fro the separation.

When grandparents gain custody through grandparent rights, there can be added physical and emotional stress for both them and their grandchildren. Some seniors don’t have the necessary physical energy to raise children. They often lack patience as their previously serene environment is invaded by energetic and noisy young people. Conversely, the youth may be working through grief over losing their parents through death. In the case of living parents, the children might feel as though they are disloyal if they accept the grandparent rights in the role of parents.

It takes tireless effort to rear children under even the best of circumstances. To help them adjust to severe changes, some activities may assist grandparents in bringing them around. Stories of old times can entertain children and help them to understand the world in which their grandparents grew up. Having picnics, visiting zoos and parks, as well as playing games, demonstrate their importance to their grandparents. Most young people these days are at least computer literate, if not computer savvy. They often teach grandparents and other older adults the language and navigation of computers.

It is vital that grandparents take care of themselves, physically and emotionally. To successfully rear young children, grandparents need energy, patience, and knowledge. Many communities and internet support groups are available to enrich the experience of being grandparents. On-line information on grandparent rights and legal representation is plentiful, when it becomes necessary to gain visitation rights, file for temporary or legal guardianship, or custody arrangements, whether provisional or permanent.

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