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A Domestic Violence Attorney in Los Angeles

April 21,2020 |

It is very common in a divorce or child custody hearing that someone will try to bring up a false accusation of a domestic violence situation. They bring up these false accusations in the Los Angeles courts to try and get the upper hand on their case, to get what they wanted from the divorce and or child custody decision. You will need a top notch Los Angeles domestic violence attorney to take charge of the situation. They will not stand by any false accusations and will only allow accusations with proof and validity to take the stage. Your lawyer will make sure that the case is taken seriously and even more so if there is a child involved.


If you are ever in a situation that you need domestic violence attorney be sure to contact the family law firm in Los Angeles, Land Legal Group, APC. They are a highly skilled law firm that have the proper tools to be taking on your case. There are multiple kinds of domestic abuse more often than not people assume domestic abuse is physical or sexual abuse. While these are types of domestic abuse, financial, verbal, and threatening behavior are types as well.

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