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A Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Green Valley

January 21,2020 |

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is a very specific type of bankruptcy law, that only applies to a very niche profession. The only way you will ever need a Green Valley chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer is if you make your income from farming. Being a farmer and getting your main money from farming is the only way that you can qualify for this type of bankruptcy.  Eric Ollason Attorney at Law are a Green Valley bankruptcy law firm that have experience in this kind of law. They have helped farmers with their bankruptcy cases before and have the skills to help you as well.


Eric Ollason Attorney at Law are a bankruptcy law firm serving those in Green Valley. You are able to do more with chapter 12 bankruptcy than you are able to do with the other chapters, which is why it is so selective on who can apply for this. In Green Valley it is important to have a lawyer on your side to help make the process way easier. It can be a bit too much to try and file for bankruptcy alone, which is why having a lawyer can help you make all the right moves.

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